A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A small game set at an american music conservatory, an experiment in dialogue trees, and general fanboying of wikimedia commons. I wanted to make conversations that didn't feel like navigating a menu.


Chopin - Nocturne in G minor - Mogadishu Jan, 25 2005.ogg

vettii - aur mess

David Balatero playing George Crumb's Sonata for Solo Cello

I'm also really lucky to have had this game included in Bit Bash 2015 thanks to the help of my professor Chris Collins.

Other cool things: David Ruden wrote an article about this game on Kill Screen, thank you!!

Also iwanPlays made a let's play of the game.


A Game About Conservatory_mac.zip 30 MB
A Game About Conservatory_windows.zip 27 MB