A downloadable Space Erotica for Windows and macOS

*.*. as a heads up this game features pretty explicit depositions of gay sex *.*.

This is a short form erotic game about two astronauts on a two crew ship.

I'm trying to make conversations that function less like trees and more like 'natural' conversations that have a linear trajectory. Some precedents for the work are: this Blase Larmee website ( I think titled 2001 ) , & Robert Yang's sex games.

The game features the music of Toby Alden whose work can be found here : brlka.com.

This is also kind of working in the same vein with dialogue trees as another game of mine A Game About Conservatory.

Install instructions

*.*. install info .*.*

It may be necessary to update java to run this game.

Uncompress the downloaded files and run the executable (.app or .exe).

*.*. notes on windows .*.*

On windows 8 you may be warned that the game is from an unknown developer.

*.*. notes on osx .*.*

Osx 10.7 or higher.

It may be necessary to allow applications from anywhere within your security settings to run the game.

*.*. version .*.*

windows 1.0 / osx 1.0


astronauts_windows.zip 93 MB
astronauts_osx.zip 148 MB